• Craving management
  • Digital 90 day CBT journey
  • Evidence based daily tasks
  • On demand tool kit
  • Progress tracking
  • Challenges and achievements
  • Journaling
  • Recovery stories
  • Mindfulness
  1. Download the App
  2. Choose the "Sober Evolution" subscription option
  3. Input your recovery time
  4. Familiarize yourself with the features
  5. Utilize the tools
  6. Set some goals
  7. Accomplish your goals!
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Sober Evolution has partnered with GlucoBit to create a unique version of their Reframe App which is geared towards helping us stay accountable within our recovery. The amazing thing about our version, is that Sober Evolution has been able to work with the developers towards adding unique content that helps with other life goals as well. The App has incredible tools that help us get through cravings, relax the mind and focus on our life goals!
Reframe is a brilliant recovery App geared towards providing you with impactful tools at the palm of your hand. Features include: Cravings solutions, meditations, challenges, knowledge about addiction/mental health & affirmations.
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