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The List of Changes I HAD to be Willing to Make in my Recovery

So it's pretty easy for all of us to understand and agree that a LOT of changes are necessary when it comes to recovery from anything.

In my case, it was and is recovery from substance abuse and alcohol abuse.

Right from the get-go, I knew that my own recovery would be no exception.

I had to become very 'matter of fact', meaning that I had to become logical and learn to make my decisions based upon what was going to help build my life vs what was going to take me back down to rock bottom.

In this post, I'm going to simply list out the things I had to stop doing and the things I had to start doing in my recovery.

If I were to only pick and choose to do the things I felt comfortable with, I believe that my recovery would have eventually unraveled and I wouldn't be where I am today.

So here it is.

I had to:

-Stop complaining

-Stop being a victim

-Stop negative self-talk

-Stop filling my mind with negative things

-Stop watching or reading major news network publications

-Stop watching depressing shows/movies

-Stop following negative people/pages on social media

-Stop hanging around negative people

-Stop eating excessive amounts of sugar & drinking excessive amounts of caffeine

-Stop eating like crap in general

-Stop surrounding myself with alcohol/drugs

-Start changing my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly surroundings

-Start taking peoples advice who had in their lives what I wanted to have in mine

-Start being coachable

-Start filling my mind with positive things

-Daily affirmations

-Daily gratitude lists

-Positive movies/shows

-Hang around positive people

-Read positive books & articles

-Follow positive people/pages on social media

-Start eating healthy

-Start exercising regularly (continuously increase the intensity)

-Start reading personal development books

-Recognizing and calling myself out on my own BS

-Start setting goals and working towards them daily

-Start giving myself positive self-talks, especially when I least felt like it

-Start reaching outside of my comfort zone

-Start meeting other like minded people

These "things" saved my life!

They are what I still continue to live by today.

Over time, these things became habits and then became my way of life. By setting myself on a mission to improve my quality of life, I knew that I absolutely had to work hard at each and every one of these things.

Was it worth facing all of the obstacles I faced?


We have one shot at this thing called life. Sacrificing comfortably is only temporary, but the benefits of creating good habits can last a lifetime.

Through writing this list out, I am able to reflect on how far I have come since April, 10th 2013.

I am grateful to be in recovery!

Life is good today.

Peace & love,

Austin F. Cooper


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