• Austin F. Cooper


Do you believe that you have potential to succeed in life?

I remember sitting with myself contemplating suicide because I felt as if I had already failed at all of my opportunities.

I had dropped out of college twice, I was barely holding onto my job at the time, I had to move in back with my parents because I had spent all of my money and was in debt, I was cheated on, lied to, backstabbed...

Selfishly, I thought I had the most miserable life on this planet. I felt like I had ZERO chance to pick myself back up and that the only way out, was death.

Wow, I feel as if I am talking about a completely different person...

I mean today I feel like the most optimistic, positive, excited, happy person on earth!

I now have ultimate faith that I have the true potential to accomplish anything I want to in life.

Now what that shows me, is that no matter how "potentialless" we feel, we still have all the potential in the world to succeed.

We all have the gift of choice. Our choices lead to habits and our habits determine where we will go. Of course it's hard to get rid of bad habits and to create new ones...

But as long as we make "concrete determinative efforts" towards creating good habits, we will start breaking free of our current circumstances.

There has been no better time in human history to create your own lifestyle than right now, 2017.

There has never been more personal development books and success books written than today. There has never been easier access to those books, to coaching, to communication or to organization than today. And there has never been so much knowledge shared across the world than right now.

What is needed most is the willingness to change everything.

I will continue changing who I am and will keep challenging my beliefs and principles because I am nowhere near finished with building my life to where I ultimately want it to be.

I am challenging myself which is why I shared this post. Accountability helps;)

If you want to be in a better place too, then by all means challenge yourself as well.

Since it is clear that we all have potential whether we believe it or not, I believe in you, now it's time for you to believe in you️!

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